How to use a stainless steel smoker box [ Full guide]

How to use a stainless steel smoker box

Instructions for stainless steel Smoker Box:

Stainless steel how to start a smoker box is a removable box shaped like a square or rectangle in which they place smoking chunks or chips to smoke. It is not to be confused with a firebox – the offset drum found on smokers. Stainless steel smoker boxes are typically solid at the bottom, while the tops have a uniform pattern of punched holes. When you place smoking chunks or smoking chips inside, smoke will rise out of the punctured holes and eventually reach your grill’s or smoker’s main compartment which holds the meat.

It’s time to add some great flavor to your grilled foods with this fun grill tool that produces smoke-tasting food without lighting your wood chips on fire. Start grilling right away once you’ve filled the stainless steel smoker box with your favorite wood chips! Smoke is dispersed through the perforated lid, so there’s no danger of it spreading. You may also want to add flavored liquids, juices, and marinades for additional flavor. The CharBroil smoker boxes are a good investment for smokers who start and end their meals often.

 Stainless steel smoker box user guide:

Here is a description of how to use stainless steel smoker box. ​Wood chips should be inserted into the stainless steel smoker box. Soaking wood chips first prevents them from catching fire. The wood chips should not catch on fire in your stainless steel smoker box since it has no holes at the bottom. As long as they are soaked in water first, you can use soaked wood chips in your stainless steel smoker box, but it will take longer for the smoke to appear. For best results, we recommend using dry wood chips

​Make sure the stainless steel smoker box is as close to the heat source as possible. Gas grills typically have the burners positioned at the top. If you’re using charcoal, place it directly on the charcoal. How to use the smoker box should be heated enough to start producing smoke by turning the burners to the highest setting. You may need to wait up to 10 minutes for the box to heat up depending on your grill.

​Having brought the stainless steel smoker box to heat, you can lower the burners to regular cooking temperatures once it has begun producing smoke. The temperature will remain high enough to produce smoke throughout the cooking process. Get your food on the grill and enjoy it with a wonderfully smoky flavor.

How to stainless steel smoker boxes work?

You can cook delicious food on your gas grill by smoking wood. Designed specifically for Napoleon Prestige PROTM, Prestige® Series, and Rogue® Series gas barbecue grills, the Napoleon Stainless Steel Smoker Box features a high-tech design. It replaces a barbecue’s sear plates directly above a lit burner with a heavy-duty stainless steel Smoker Box. The BBQ’s cooking grids and a sear plate directly above a burner should be removed for use. 

On the searing plate supports, mount the smoker box. Fill the lid of the high-capacity box with chips or chunks of your favorite flavor of wood. Cooking grids should be replaced and the burner below the smoker box should be lit on low. Upon contact with the chips or chunks, they will begin to smolder and emit smoke. 

When using this delicious ingredient, your favorite meals will have a delicious smoky flavor. It is recommended that the food is left on the barbeque for at least 20 minutes to achieve the best results. Rotisserie cooking, reverse searing meats, and roasting is some of their many uses. After you have finished cooking, remove the stainless steel smoker box and cooking grids from the barbecue only after the barbecue has fully cooled.

The benefits of using a stainless steel smoker box

from being exposed to too much heat. Smoke from wood is typically most flavorful when burned at an oven temperature of 550 to 750 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep in mind that this refers to the temperature of the actual wood, such as smoking chunks or smoking chips, and not the temperature of the air inside your grill or smoker. You can burn your wood at well over 750 degrees Fahrenheit if you place it directly on top of the charcoal or right next to it. Using a stainless steel smoker box, however, you can control the temperature of your wood to maintain low, stable heat that allows for maximum flavor-rich smoke.

You can also use a stainless steel smoker box in just about any outdoor cooking device, including a charcoal grill, gas grill, smoker, and offset smoker. Most cooking devices don’t come with a stainless steel smoker box, so you’ll need to purchase one separately. With that said, they are fully reusable, and you can use them in almost all cooking devices.

Wood types used in stainless steel smoker boxes.

What kind of smoker box recipes can we make You select what type/flavor of wood chips you want to be based entirely on what you are cooking and to your own taste. These are some popular kinds of wood, what kind of meat matches well with them, and their flavors (in no particular order). An even more comprehensive list can be found in the best wood for smoking ribs – Guide with Tips.


Perfect for all types of red meat, especially pork (think hickory bacon) Smoker box recipes are one of the most popular. The wood is pungent, sweet, and has a strong taste of smoke. Make sure you don’t use too much (small amounts go a long way).


Red meats taste especially good when paired with them. Using meats (such as fish) is not recommended. An intense and strong taste. Among the most popular recipes are smoker box recipes. Moderate use is recommended because you can easily overdose on it. 


A delicious marinade for chicken, pork, and seafood. The flavor profile is mild, mellow, and subtly sweet, as well as making it an excellent blend with other woods.


It is excellent for cooking with all kinds of meat, including poultry, pork, and wild game. It mixes well with other woods due to its sweet and mild flavor. Meats such as chicken and turkey take on a dark mahogany color due to the abundant consumption of this spice.


This is the perfect product for fish. Additionally, it is decent for poultry. It is delicately sweet, mild, and delicately flavored. Especially good for meats that are more delicate and do not want their flavors overpowered.


There is a strong smoke taste. Oakwood, whether red or white, makes a good choice. The flavor is similar to that of Hickory.

How to Use a stainless steel Smoker Box on a Charcoal Grill? 

prepare the smoker box

Use a chimney to light the charcoal and wait until the grill is hot. During this time, let’s prepare the smoker box. Then fill it with wood chips about 3/4 full. Set up your grill for indirect cooking if you want to cook meat slowly (like pork ribs or butt) by placing your smoker box in a corner along with the coals, so that the meat will not be directly over the coals.

On top of the lit charcoal, place the smoker box with the lid closed, and then the cooking grate on top of the smoker box. If you do not have the space to place the smoker box on top of the charcoal and still get your grill grate on, that is okay. Just place the smoker box close to the lit coals so that it will heat up naturally.

We are almost ready to prepare our charcoal grill for indirect cooking now that the smoker box has been loaded and is ready to go. The purpose of this is to turn off the burners that are directly below the food, which means the food will bake through the grill’s ambient temperature rather than being heated directly.

Grill setup

Charcoal Grills for indirect cooking can be set up differently depending on their design. As I have a 3-burner Charcoal Grill, I simply turn off the left and middle burners while leaving the right burner on. Although the basic concept is the same for various gas grills, your owner’s manual should have instructions on how to set up your Charcoal Grill in order to use this method.

Now that the Charcoal Grill burners are correctly set up, you can place the smoker box over the remaining one that’s lit (in my case, it is the right burner). Place the box on your BBQ and close the lid. Allow the grill to warm up to its new temperature before closing the lid.

If you are adding your food after you have altered the temperature in the remaining burner, make sure it is between 225-250 degrees. You must take into account that temperature changes are not instantaneous and you should allow enough time between each adjustment to allow the temperature to stabilize.

How to Use a stainless steel Smoker Box on a gas grill? 

Prepare your grill

Gas grills require a slightly different method of set-up. Prepare your grill by preheating it. Let the burners reach the highest temperature and let it get nice and hot.  When preheating your grill, always be sure to brush the grates with a good grill brush. 

Start soaking wood chips in water (measure yours according to the recipe). The balls will light on fire and give off more flame than smoke if they are not soaked in water for at least 30 minutes. Start the grill by preheating it on high for 10-15 minutes. Then brush the cooking grates clean with a stainless steel grill brush.

keep your stainless steel Smoker Box ready

Your smoker box should be filled with wood chips. The lid of the smoker box can be opened by using long-handled tongs. Put some of the soaked wood chips into the smoker box by grabbing them with the tongs and letting the excess water drain off. Wood chips should be spread out so that they cover the bottom of the box, allowing as many chips as possible to be exposed to the bottom burner.

As the recipe suggests, continue to add wood chips until the desired consistency is achieved. The lid of the smoker box should be closed. Allow the grill to smoke for a few minutes after you close its lid. The next step is to lower the heat of the dedicated burner under the smoker box to medium or low so that the wood will smolder slowly.

Start Smoking food

You can start smoking your food now.  Arrange the food over the burner(s) that aren’t lit in the middle of the cooking grates. Allow the food to cook as quickly as possible and close the lid. Turning knobs on a gas grill is the only way to control its temperature. A gas grill does not have vents, it simply has knobs. Most of the time, you will adjust one or two of the main burners while cooking. If, however, you want to smoke at very low temperatures (below 250°F). Turn off all the main burners and use just the dedicated burner under the smoker box.

You should keep in mind that most of the smoke will collect in the smoker box. You will have more smoke flavor absorbed by your food the closer you put it to the smoker box.

Don’t have a stainless steel smoker box ?

If you don’t have a stainless steel smoker box yet, you can fill it up while you are waiting. Now it is time to put the smoker box into the oven. In a perfect situation, it should be placed underneath the grill but on top of the burners.  You might need to experiment with this setup depending on the size and style of your grill.

We like this stainless steel smoker box design. It can be positioned securely under the grill grate If you have a grill with flame deflectors.

I hope you have already started a smoker box by the time you get your grill into the target heart range. It won’t happen right away, so just wait a few minutes until it does and then add the meat.

Conclusion: se a stainless steel smoker box my experience

There’s nothing as delicious as smoked meat when it comes to grilling. Having your smoker box in handy is a good thing. You can give your grilled meat recipes that irresistible smoked flavor by using a smoker box. The time has come to bring home some bacon since you now know how to use a smoker box. In a literal sense.

When smoking, pecan wood, beechwood, and woods with layered flavors like whisky barrels and brandy casks are appropriate. Combine pecan and beech woods with bold-flavored woods for a more subdued flavor, or pair them with fruit woods for a more substantial flavor. The oak barrels and casks used for whisky and brandy have a lovely mild flavor coupled with the remaining aroma from the alcohol that was stored in them. The smoke gives off a subtle and lovely taste. Woods of this type are ideal for smoking just about anything you can think of.

Will you use your gas grill more often now that you know how to use the Stainless Steel Smoker Box that fits on your sear plates? You can share your favorite wood flavor, smoking on the grill stories, and recipes on social media pages like Facebook and Instagram.


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