American gourmet 3-burner gas grill review and buying guide

American gourmet 3-burner gas grill review

With its high heat output and ample cooking surface, the American gourmet 3-burner gas grill review is an excellent choice for cooks who crave large grills’ performance but don’t need to pay their full price.

Although three-burner grills are compact, they are powerfully no-fuss machines that often cook just as well as grills that cost much more. Plus, these grills have several surprising features: they’re affordable, easy to store, and you can use them to cook as well as travel.

To help you choose the best 3 burner gas grill for your size requirement, budget, and cooking needs, I reviewed my favorite 3 burner gas grill models.

Having grown up with barbecue in my backyard, I enjoy all types of outdoor cooking.

Nevertheless, I’ll admit that a gas-powered grill is the best option for quick weeknight barbecues. As I’ve become more familiar with the grilling game, I’ve learned that certain brands are by far better than others. This American gourmet 3 burner gas grill review is meant to help you determine whether this latest offering from American gourmet is worth your money.

American gourmet 3-burner gas grill review:

Offset smokers are essential for those who enjoy smoked foods. Char-Broil American Gourmet Offset Smoker is a model that you should consider if you are seeking a mid-size smoker. You can be more informed about the Char-Broil American Gourmet Offset Smoker by reading this review. In this guide, you’ll learn about both the best and the worst things about offset smokers, and whether or not this model is worth your money.

You need a temperature gauge

If you want great-tasting products, keeping the temperature optimum is necessary. This smoker’s lid-mounted temperature gauge lets you keep an eye on your smoker’s interior temperature. The reading is fairly accurate with simple reading. With just a glance, you can quickly see what the interior temperature is.

Big, spacious cooking area

The cooking chamber on this smoker is large enough to hold enough food for an average-sized party. As more smoke can move around in a large cooking chamber, there is more chance for the flavor to be enhanced.

Easy-to-clean doors

It is simple to clean the firebox of this smoker because the door is designed in a way that makes it easy and quick to remove the leftover ash. In addition to channeling air into the burning chamber, this door also passes air inside that is required for proper combustion.

Handle with Cool Touch

You don’t have to worry about your fingers or hands getting hot because its door and grill handle never heat up when in use. Cooks can keep the handles cool for long hours even after long periods of cooking with the smartly designed handles.

Grates covered with a coating for easier cleaning and durability

The cooking grates have porcelain coating, making them easy to clean as well as resistant to rust. It is extremely important to use grates that are of high quality when it comes to smoking. Throughout the cooking process, they are covered with fat and charred grease. The materials used may not be strong and durable enough to prevent them from wearing off. As for the grates in this smoker, we found them satisfactory.

Side shelf and storage rack

There is a storage rack built into the storage area, where you can keep extra charcoal and utensils. The side shelf can be used to store cooking accessories and grilling tools. This smoker had been designed by designers who understood the importance of having extra space when smoking. By using this feature, smokers can stay away from their devices without being disturbed.

Smoldering stick

With a smokestack that consists of a vertical pipe that is equipped with adjustable dampers, smoke and heat are more efficiently regulated. A black coating protects it from rust, and it is rugged enough to survive tough weather conditions without rusting.

Mobility is easy

The smoker has wheels underneath so that it can be moved around. Having a durable plastic core and a metal core, the wheels are strong enough to take heavy loads without bending.

Taking care of maintenance and keeping things clean

Char-Broil American Gourmet Offset Smoker’s manual contains the necessary instructions for proper usage. Read it before you use it. In this case, it recommends that you light a fire before using the smoker for the first time, as this will remove any chemicals and toxins present inside the device. You can clean the door and cooking area easily, and the oven’s built-in damper makes it easy for you to remove ash. You should consider the following factors so that they can serve you well over the long term:

Grills really do need to be cleaned after each use, especially after frequent use. The most common cause of grill fires is food and grill deposits at the bottom, which is why you should clean the inside of the grill as well as the cooking grate after every use.

The grill should be cleaned with a grill brush after every use after it has cooled. Grills should not be ‘burned off’ since this may result in permanent harm.

You need to wash its plastic parts with warm, soapy water. Once it has been cleaned, it needs to be dried by wiping. It is recommended not to use cleaners that contain degreasers, abrasives, or other strong chemicals, as these could cause damage/failure.

The porcelain’s surface is made of a composite that has a similar composition to glass, so it is easier to clean than traditional ceramics. It is possible to remove any remaining residue using a solution of water or baking soda or even a mild glass cleaner. Stains that are stubborn can be removed by scouring powder with no abrasives.


The price of the smoker, being offered for less than $100, is truly unbelievable. There aren’t many affordable smokers out there so if you’re looking for one, you’ve come to the right place!

As an all-in-one unit, a BBQ, offset smoker and a charcoal grill are integrated into one machine, which eliminates the need for any additional appliances to perform these functions.

Easy to clean and maintain As mentioned before, the Char-Broil American Gourmet Offset Smoker has an easy clean-out door, which makes it easy to remove the ash, as well as a built-in damper for controlling the temperature.

Beginner smokers and BBQ enthusiasts may find it difficult to learn how to operate an offset smoker. The case is not the same with this particular model. As compared to other offset smokers, this one requires less setup and less setup time.

Secondary storage on the shelves Its side shelves are convenient for storing the cooking utensils that you will be using most frequently with the grill.

A Gas Grill Buyer’s Guide:

Gas grills are an excellent choice for anyone who enjoys cooking outdoors almost every day. With the simple push of a button, they can be torched much more quickly than their charcoal-burning competitors. Additionally, they are easy to maintain since there is no messy ash to clean up. Moreover, there are plenty of gas grills that can be purchased at an affordable price.

In spite of this, there are some who can’t imagine living without the indescribable flavor of charcoal. Those of you who fall into this category won’t be satisfied with the Char-Broil 360 3-burner gas grill.

You may be thinking about investing in a gas grill, in which case you should consider the following factors during the selection process.

1. Expenses

You should determine how much you can spend, then look for a grill that suits your budget. In my previous observation, you often could find a gas-powered unit for less than $200, but the more expensive models can easily reach four figures.

2. Sizing

It is important to consider what type of food you usually grill, as well as how many people you will be cooking for. For example, a 500-square-inch grill can hold anywhere from 20 to 25 hamburger patties depending on their size. Remember that you should always leave about 25 percent of the grilling surface free so that the food will cook evenly.

3. Getting things done

The majority of gas grills are made from heavy-gauge steel. The cover, firebox, and support structure all fall under this category. While cooking grates should be either made of stainless steel or cast iron, whichever is more appropriate. It is common for manufacturers to coat their cooking grates with porcelain to give them a nonstick surface.

4. Achieving Results

The general rule of thumb is that a gas grill should produce 100 BTUs per square inch. Thus, a grill offering 500 square inches is typically going to have a BTU output of 50,000.

5. Assemblance Is Simple

Do you have to put the grill together in a certain amount of time? Gas grills are usually not too difficult to assemble, and most machines should be able to be put together within a few hours.

6. Reliability and maintenance

Cooking grates can be cleaned easier using the porcelain coating mentioned above. The grease management system should include removable drip trays and other components so that the system can be thoroughly cleaned.

7. Product Warranty

Can I return the grill or any of its parts if the company offers a money-back guarantee? Is the guarantee in place for a certain period of time?

Whether the system is easy to use or user friendly

Those who are still beginners in making their own smoky or grilled food can enjoy using this offset grill as it is one of the best on the market, according to American gourmet lovers. The assembly will only take you a few minutes, after which you will just need to light the fire to begin cleaning before you can use it to cook the perfect food for yourself and large groups. In addition to the user manual that is available at the manufacturer’s website, the user manual may also provide any additional instructions for using the grill.

Final Judgment:

After reading all the features of this smoker, one thing is quite evident- the Char-Broil American Gourmet Offset Smoker is a product that comes with a host of features for gourmets. Other than the setup, the grill’s usage is quite straightforward. Furthermore, both beginners and advanced users will find this product quite useful. Although this smoker grill is more expensive than other smoker grills, it does offer more than other grills. 

Therefore, if you are looking for an additional piece of equipment that is both functional and durable, this review is a good indicator that the Char-Broil American Gourmet Offset Smoker may be worth considering.

This review gave a thorough look into a product before making a final decision, something you should consider before you make any final decision. Having now learned what this grill offers and what it does not, you will be in a better position to make the right choice as a gourmet enthusiast.


I am a barbeque specialist who can spend a lot of time, love, and passion on the grill. A barbecue expert is someone who is not only creating a great tasty steak on BBQ, but is skillful of using any pit or grills to do so, and able to offer appropriate advice on Barbecuing.

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